About project

About the project

Project title: „Promoting multilingualism in Zadar: ethnolinguistic vitality of the Zadar Arbanasi community”  ( ProViZA )
Project leader and the PI:  Klara Bilić Meštrić, a post-doc fellow
Project supervisor:  Lucija Šimičić, associate professor
Project beneficiary: University of Zadar, Department of Linguistics
Budget: 382.246,12 KUNA.
Period covered:  23/ 7/ 2015 – 22/ 10 / 2016
The project is funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund. 2007 – 2013

Aims and objectives

  • researching the factors impacting maintenance, change and/or language loss in the Zadar Arbanasi community 
  • competence and capacity building of the postdoc fellow whose research focus is on the minority communities and the preservation of linguistic diversity

Project impact

  • proposing measures to preserve Arbanasi based on the estimated vitality of the Arbanasi community in Zadar and in cooperation with the community members
  • elaboration of the theoretical framework and the research methodology in minority language communities

Project activities

  • preparation and implementation of ethnographic research
  • data analysis
  • informing the local media about the project
  • dissemination of project results
  • organization of the final conference
  • making recommendations for the preservation of linguistic vitality of Arbanasi
  • mobility of researcher to high-quality institutions